Virgin of tenderness

Virgin of tenderness

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I had at heart to create a Virgin of tenderness.
We easily imagine how sweet, patient and peaceful Virgin Mary had to be.
Here we also see the tenderness of Jesus : through his little hand on Mary's cheek, it is the infinite love of God I wanted to depict.

This glass icon is an artwork that I hand carved and thermoformed in glass at over 800 degrees in the most brilliant stained-glass studio in Europe : the LOIRE Studios near the Chartres cathedral in France. For this model, I apply, before the furnace, some powdered colored glass which melts with transparent glass. After the furnace, I delicately cover the sculpture with 24 carat gold leaf.

It can be displayed in a prayer corner, with a candle nearby, on your desk, on a bookshelf. The gold leaf is sensitive, one should avoid touching it with fingers. 

I will ship it within 3 days by express courrier in a reinforced protected box.
The icon is delivered with a modern and transparent plexiglass pedestal to make it stand upright, as well as a certificate of authenticity of the work and the identification number of the copy. 

The icon is discreetly signed and dated with a diamond graver on the right side.

Dimension 3,9 x 8,2 x 0.25 inches.