Rejoice my Soul
Rejoice my Soul
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Rejoice my Soul

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“And my soul shall be joyful in the Lord:
it shall rejoice in His salvation.”

- Psalm 35

As an artist I am really seeking for grace. On this path, gold leaf is a precious instrument I love to use. It reflects and captures light, even when there is little.

So do our Souls ! 
We have to capture grace, love, hope, everyday. Keep it and make it grow.

As a mother, I know that, among the thousand things we have to take care of, in every single day, we will suddenly see sparkles of light.
In our kids eyes,
in the colour of the sky,
in the tiny moments we will be able to meditate or pray.
We have to capture it.

This is the meaning of those earrings.
Rejoice my soul, in each and every little sparkle of light!

The drops are composed of 24 carats true gold leaves sculpted in transparent resin, and assembled on a very comfortable and quality yellow Gold plated hook or clip-on.
Total length of the Earring: 1.74 inch
Size of the Drop: 1.11 x 0.79 inch
Size of the Hook: 0.91 inch
Total Weight : 0.11 oz x 2 pieces

Every single piece of jewelry is hand-made, unique, and might therefore slightly differ from the picture shown above.