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St. Therese diamond pendant

St. Therese diamond pendant

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"If the Angels were to sweep Heaven,
the dust would be made of Diamonds"

- St. Therese of Lisieux

This ornament is our most precious pendant. The brightness of the diamond combined with the Rose Petals and Gold leaves make it unforgettable. May this jewel help you remember the bright soul of st Therese who guides us in life and supports our faith! 

Due to its preciousness, the Diamond pendant will be created on order only, and within 4 weeks.

True rose petals, patiently hand-picked and calibrated, are enshrined with gold leaves in a shiny drops of crystal resin. Petals are chosen for their vivid and elegant deep pink color. A superb Diamond is disposed at the center to enlighten the drop with a glimpse of Eternity.

Assembled with gold plated silver rings

Size of the Drop:1.11 x 0.79 inch
Sold without chain or Ribbon

Cut : 2.3 mm
Carat : 0.05
Color : G-H
Clarity : SI

The set will be sent with a certificate of authenticity for the diamond. 

Every single piece of jewelry is hand-made, unique, and might therefore slightly differ from the picture shown above.